About the Northern Preacherboy

I am a fifty something year old son, a twenty something husband and father, a teenaged priest and pastor, and I am a forty some year old musician and chorister.

Currently, I live in Peace River, Alberta with my wife and our two boys and a cockapoo dog. I have been in full time ministry for nearly 30 years. I was commissioned in the Church Army in Canada (now Threshold Ministries) in May, 1991. I served as a youth worker and in doing Parish Work in Ontario, Yukon and Newfoundland. In 2005, I went to Queen’s College, Faculty of Theology in St. John’s Newfoundland and was subsequently convocated with a Bachelor of Theology Degree in 2007. In that same year, I was ordained deacon and priest. In 2011, I went home to Caledonia and served as Dean of the Diocese. From there in 2017, I came to my present position as Dean of Athabasca and Rector of St. James’ Cathedral, Peace River.

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