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Getting through it all.

The Gospel for this week seems to capture the mind and so there is a second kick at the can in terms of writing for Sunday. In particular, there is an image of Jesus in the boat as they head out onto the Sea of Galilee and to make for the other (Gentile, pig farmers’)Continue reading “Getting through it all.”

Will you take a bucket?

You might not think it, but popularity even in ministry has its drawbacks. Not being about to move, think or eat because of people and their demands for whatever it is they need from you. That is why in the Gospel this week, Jesus and the Twelve get in a boat and leave the growingContinue reading “Will you take a bucket?”

Solving the mystery.

People like a good mystery. Maybe it is because we like the challenge of figuring on our own. It might be because when we do figure things out, we like the pride that comes with being able to do that and maybe in being one up on everyone else. There is a certain amount ofContinue reading “Solving the mystery.”

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